Thursday, February 28, 2008

Pink is For February

Hey Folks,

we are going to have COLOR contests here on the blog for all of 2008.
Pink is for February
Aquamarine & green are for March
Blues are for April
& Lilac is for May. (White is for June, but not using white ink! LOL)

anyway, will keep this post at top of blog until midnight 3/1. Adrienne just reminded me that it's Leap Year! so you have an extra day to send in those entries!

How to enter? email me pics or links to pics of your knits with the colors of the month in Crystal Palace yarn!
Prizes for this month are sock yarn and knitting books and magazines with a drawing from entrants. [We have our first one already! Susi S. using the pink Panda Silk she won in a previous contest!!]

So here are some items featuring Pink and Crystal Palace yarns.
do email me with any pics you have of your PINK knitting with Crystal Palace Yarns - and send me a link to your blog or Flickr or whatever!

This gorgeous bag is just one of many you can find at Crystal Palace yarns FreeBagPatterns
This wonderful design is by Terry Ross, who is also author of a great book called "Twelve Bags Fulled" Terry's book info

Now, this sweet baby hat is one i've just finished knitting, using 2 colors of Puffin. You can see more of the colors here Puffin color cardis just amazing to knit with - like flannel strips - it is soft and warm and comfy and fun and you just love the recipient will love it - and be adorable too!

My Merino-5 Merino-5 Solids chemocap is a kind of almost pink, being burgundy, and i thought
it counted when i went looking... i mean Dark Pink is still pink, yes? and this color makes me think of Roses, Merino-5 printed colors so how pink can you get? Merino-5 is an amazing yarn - so soft and wonderful but with a really good "hand" so you get great stitch definition, as you can see by looking at the cap i made.

Finally, you've seen this sock in previous blogposts I think - made with 2 colors of Panda Silk. Panda Silk colors

What you can see if you look closely, is that the sock is called "ribbons" because of some novel vertical striping - that's not hard but is a lot of fun!

So Think Pink!
blessings, :L


Maharetina said...

Do you have any idea, where I can get this yarn in Germany? It looks and sounds great, but I don't know where to buy it.
Thanks, Bettina

laura said...

Hi Bettina,
what i can say is that CrystalPalaceYarns site has a list of vendors on it, and you should be able to find what you need on that list.
also, there are a lot of excellent internet sellers including some in england - as i've seen ads in the british knitting magazines!
good luck!
P.S. march's color will be pale turquoise - or aquamarine, so maybe you can find a CP yarn in that color?
blessings, :L

Kathy said...

OH I LOVE RIBBONS SOCKs. They are darling.