Friday, March 7, 2008


Seeing this sock has just made my day/week/mood! it's grey here or cold... and not much is stirring - well, a few birds. we're having a dry spring, which doesn't help things come up. and some of my trees are looking thirsty.

This lovely sock "Jacobean" is by Elizabeth - in Panda Silk. It is part of a Sock-Knitters Pentathlon blogpost here.

You can also see more interesting goodies at Elizabeth's store - - i typed in the link and blogger is being bad, keeps telling me it's not a blog, which i know! trying again RiverKnitsYarns where i'm going now to poke around!

blessings, :L
ps the color card for the panda silk is HERE Panda Silk
as elizabeth said, panda silk is not expensive although it's so exquisitely luxurious it seems so!

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