Monday, October 13, 2008

how long can you hold your breath?

why do i ask? b/c this spectacular new yarn won't be available until Jan-Feb '09!
and it's even better to see, touch, and knit with!!
seeing is better than not seeing, touching is better than seeing, knitting is better than touching, and more knitting is best of all! [i've asked santa to set aside 2 of every color for me! and then a couple more for hat and scarf for my dh!]

these are pics of yarn balls and swatches for a wonderful new Crystal Palace yarn called Mini-Mochi. it's super soft merino and superwash !too!
frankly, my dear.... i've knit a couple of models with it, and the softness is only excelled by the
sheer "one more row - can't stop knitting" beauty!!

First, the famous Mochi, who is a "scottish fold"... amazing eyes!

color 108 is Neptune Rainbow

color 107 is Autumn rainbow

Color 106 is Strawberry-Lime Rainbow

Color 105 is Tapestry Rainbow

Color 104 is Fern Rainbow

Color 103 is Violets Rainbow

Color 102 is Flame Rainbow

Color 101 is Intense Rainbow


jdhforjc said...

pretty kitty to match the yarn

Gnat said...

Very pretty!!! Thank you for sharing...that is a long time to hold your breathe.