Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Panda Wool Sock Visions - Part 1 Aug. 22

This first sock is a Panda Wool anklet CrystalPalace Yarns-AnnNorling.

Next is this gorgeous sock by Janet B, and she's used the Circus colorway of Panda Wool found here . The design by Nancy Wild is called tumbling blocks and can be found with the many

other FREE patterns at the Crystal Palace Site

This yarn is a joy to knit with - and i love the colorways.
The spectacular design below is by Janice Kang and is called Crystalline Lattice. Next is another Ann Norling pattern, in the pretty Basil Curry Colorway.
The inset is a fun sock i'm working on "in my spare time" that uses 3 different colors of the panda wool.
You can see the lovely cinnamon reds and the fern green and the white. I had to set the sock aside at this point, where heel is next.

Did you know that the Panda Wool is also available in natural hanks for those who want to do their own dyeing!?
blessings, :L, laura

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