Friday, August 24, 2007

Washing RED Panda Cotton

er ummm... the official name is Lacquer Red.
I think this photo is gorgeous on several levels - the socks - the workmanship, the design, the shape, and then the presentation!
i adore oriental brocades and this is just exquisite - and do you see the wee bits of red right below the toe on front sock?

yum. that's photo composition, and of course lures me into more reading on Katie's blog

but most impressive of all is that Katie's dh kindly did the wash and there were no shrieks of dismay .... i always used to do my first sock wash in the bathroom sink, and it's nice to know i can omit that step!

blessings, :L, laura
back to my own knitting - baby socks with puffin [2nd pair of set] and me socks in Panda Silk.
I am already planning Dobby feet though.. mismatched pair.

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katie said...

Thanks for the compliments, Laura!

I bought that brocade-type fabric and used it to cover some chair seats from IKEA. I love it!

I'm looking forward to seeing the Panda Silk.