Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Vanilla Creme by Annie

This beauty is by "Annie Coleman", whose blog is here . The pattern is embossed leaves, and the yarn is Vanilla Creme in Panda Cotton.

I must confess, i adore every CP yarn that i've touched so far, but this is downright sneaky!

I've not had a chance to try this colorway, and am now sooooooooooo in love!

Too many projects in front of this to do it soon, but i love how the design shows so beautifully yet the color plays with your senses...

great work!

blessings, :L, laura
suffering through 92 degrees. i should be watering and fertilizing my tomatoes, as the crops are pitiful. it's too hot for them too! the best thing about this year's garden is all the sunflowers we DIDN't plant. the birds did it! that's right. they've popped up in all sorts of odd places, and we just left them. someone once told me that many seeds do better once they've had a trip through a bird's ailimentary system! LOL

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