Saturday, August 18, 2007

we interrupt your regularly scheduled blog&knit

For this special announcement.... NEW Maizy Colors !!!
oh oh oh!! these colors! i almost don't know which i love the most except the "earth" keeps talking to me...

I am thinking i will add a 2nd poll just to see how folks rank the colors.
For me it's: 1, earth; 2, meadow mist; 3, stormy purple; 4, turf; and 5, ballad blues.
That said, i'd knit any one of them in a flash!
If you've not petted Maizy yet, it's a yarn made with corn from here in the US, and so is a bio-sustainable or "green" yarn. The corn fiber [google for ingeo - let me check spelling] is naturally good at wicking moisture, and has a wonderful "hand" for knitting.
Hard to describe as it's got all the good parts of cotton w/o any of the negative ones, and same for wool - it's a slightly velvet touch to me and wonderfully kind to knit, with good stitch definition.
blessings, :L, laura

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