Tuesday, December 9, 2008

more about the winners

each will get TWO [2] skeins of new Mini-mochi, but sorry no color choices.

here's who they are!

91 - Shelly
who said "Ok, this is so perfect for a scarf, your yarns just keep getting better and better . . . yep, I know it's sock yarn, but if you haven't seen a scarf out of sock yarn . . . just send it off to me and I'll be happy to show you one! Then I'll give the scarf to charity."

60 - LSK
who said "Beautiful colorways. Thanks for the chance to win some." lsk@myway.com"

39 - MLJ1954
said"... Oh, please, please, please . . . I have feet that would really like to be encased in socks made with this . . . and I am on a yarn diet but any yarn gifted . . . heh, heh . . ." http://isnoacompletesentence.blogspot.com/ mlj1954@hotmail.com

102 - karenhuntz said
... "Can't wait until this yarn arrives, please enter me in the drawing" Karenhuntz
Karenhuntz at aol dot com


Breien in Lansingerland said...

Congrats to all the winners!!!

drlaura said...

well, so far only 1 winner has been in touch, so am going to have to set a time-limit and have a 2nd drawing.

cross fingers!


Kim said...


drlaura said...

So wonder what santa thinks?? notice that none of the winners have even said thanks?

Anonymous said...

Ok, so this is the third time I've tried to say thanks, maybe it will go through this time!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ok, so this is the third time I've tried to say thanks, but the comments don't show up????